About Us



MScottage is a professional design wedding dress company, personalized and affordable is the store's characteristics, with creative ideas and the use of manual technology, make every scene of your big day important and beautiful

The company mainly provides customized purchase and rental of wedding dresses, suits, traditional stables, registration dinners, parent-child, girlfriends, bridesmaid sisters and other services, as a creative team, they also make beautiful dresses in line with customer needs.

In addition to being honored to co-organize beauty contests and graduation exhibitions with major well-known manufacturers. MScottage not only rents wedding dresses, but also works with major manufacturers to create special stage costumes.


公司主要提供訂製購買出租 婚紗禮服 西服 傳統馬褂 註冊 晚宴 親子 閨蜜 伴娘姊妹服等服務,作为一个创作团队,他们也配合顧客需求而做出精美禮服

除了曾荣幸与各大知名廠商合辦選美賽和畢業展。MScottage不仅出租婚紗禮服,还與各大知名產商 合作特定舞台服装